Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Two weeks old!  It's crazy to think they are already that old.  The current update is that they are doing AWESOME! I'm so shocked at how well they are doing.   As of right now both babies are breathing on their own, being fed about 2 cc's of breast milk (about 1/2 a teaspoon) every 6 hours, they are both pooping and eating and gaining weight! As of right now Jonathan weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces and Chase weighs 2 pounds 8.6 ounces.  So they pretty much caught up with each other and are continuing to progress.  I just can't wait for them to be home!

Jonathan Porter Zauche 1 1/2 weeks

Chase Michael Zauche 1 1/2 weeks


  1. Rach you are one of the strongest women I know. I love you and miss you. Always in my prayers!

  2. They are so adorable!! When do you think you guys can all go home?