Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Last Six Months

Of course six months is a lot to cover, but I'm sure we all like to be informed and kept up to date.

May 2010
We found out we were pregnant this month.  We were so excited.  Cameron made me take 4 pregnancy tests before we believed that this was really happening.  At first I wanted to tell everyone right away but Cameron wanted to be a little more cautious.  But as the minutes turned into hours I got more and more anxious finally I was allowed to call my parents.  They were so excited!  We told Cameron's parents and they were very excited!  This will be his parents first grandbabies!

June 2010
The time had finally come.  June 18th was our first official doctors visit.  Cameron and I were both really excited and hoped that even though I was only 7 weeks along, that we would be able to have our first ultrasound.  We went through the protocol... blood testing, pelvic examinations, the whole nine yards.  But all I really wanted was to hear those heart beats and see those little munchinks.  And you will not believe what we saw.  As the nurse turned down the lights and turned the ultrasound monitor on the nurse could not believe her eyes... TWINS!  Of course Cameron and I had no idea what we were looking at but my mother in law, Mary, and the nurse did.  I wouldn't believe it!  It couldn't be!  But that wasn't the end of it.  As the nurse turned the probe we not only found two babies but three babies! TRIPLETS!  We were so overwhelmed that I thought the nurse was playing a trick on us.  But as she played each heart beat I realized that this was no joke.  We were having three kids!  Of course our initial shock was fear, shock and tears but we grew accustomed to the idea real quickly.

July 2010
This month we met with my high risk doctor.  We got to hear the heart beats again :).  I love hearing it!We also found out that we have a set of identical twins and one fraternal. But with this visit not only brought joy but it also brought tears.  The doctor had to explain to us all the risks and possibilities of loosing one or all the babies along with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  Where one baby steals all the blood and nutrition from the other.  Depleting one of the twins.  Even though we walked in with high spirits and walked out being discouraged I just knew that somehow everything was going to be ok.

August 2010
What more can I say about this month other than:  ALL BOYS!!!!

September 2010
This month we found out the babies have been growing normal except one.  Poor baby A has been struggling but shows not enough evidence of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  When the placenta split one baby got a bigger half giving it more nutrition than the other.  This is common with identicals they said but it still worries me.  We are just hoping and praying that he will eventually catch up with the other two.

October 2010
Wow! Ok so this month was crazy!  1st off for some reason I feel the need to nest.  I shouldn't be feeling like this for another couple of months.  But I can't help it.  The clothes I have received so far I've washed with baby detergent, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the nursery but I'm just cleaning cleaning cleaning.  And can't stop thinking about all that there is left to do before the babies come!  But I did have a couple of things to take all that off my mind.  My brother and sister in law, Brock and Kalynn, had their baby boy! Boy is he a beauty.  He was born October 1st! She only had a 4 hour labor and delivery! Pretty fast especially for this being her first baby.  Then there is the family reunion coming up.  We are all going to Disney World.  Even though I can't ride the rides I was so excited to go with my niece and nephews and watch them get all excited.  Then of course at the end of the month is my babyshower!  But hold up! REEEEWWWWIIIIINNNDDD! The last two things didn't get to happen.  A week before the Disney Trip I had to go in for a check up with my high risk doctor.  Everything looked great and we were about to leave until my doctor said that he wanted to look at my cervix.  Weird he usually isn't the one to do that. My OB/GYN is.  But i got back up on the table and he flipped the monitor on.  I could tell right away I knew something was wrong.  Not only had my cervix opened but the babies head was right over the cervix with amniotic fluid funneling into the open part of the cervix.  I went from 4 cm of closed cervix two weeks before to 0.7 cm left of closed cervix.  And on top of it all when we were looking at the screen you could see the cervix open wider than close meaning I was contracting.  I was immediately sent over to labor and delivery.  I couldn't believe it!  Our worst fears of preterm labor were happening.  I couldn't stop crying and even though Cameron just sat there quietly holding my hand I knew he was scared to.  So we were whisked to labor and delivery where I was hooked up to all these monitors, given a steroid shot and then prepped for surgery.  Things were happening so fast I just couldn't stop my body from shaking from all the fear and tears were still streaming down my face.  I finally just told myself I had to be strong.  We went through with the surgery and it was a success.  I was so out of it and I started to hurt from the surgery but they got my contractions under control but not completely gone.  They said I will contract from here on out but as long as I don't feel them or they don't hurt I'm fine.  The next couple of days were great except they had me on all this medication.  And one of them, Turbutaline, I was having bad reactions to.  I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest,  I was soooo hot, and I felt like I couldn't breath.  They finally, after persistent begging, took me off the Turbutaline.  But before you know it I ended up with pneumonia a couple of days later.  I felt so sick and had to be put on oxygen.  Even though this was a rough time and I'm sure it was hard for him to see me go through this, Cameron stayed strong and positive.  He helped me get through the hardest parts of this whole ordeal thus far.

Since the pneumonia has been treated and everything has cleared up I have been great!  Just stuck here in the hospital for the time being : (.  But I have had alot of visitors and lots of goodies brought to me and I thank everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  We need them!  They have been such a help to us.  As for me and the babies our goal as of right now is 29 weeks! 3 more weeks to go.  And if I make it to that then our next goal is 32 weeks. So all we need is a grand total of 5 more weeks! We are very confident that I can make it to this point.  I just have to stay down for the remainder of my stay here at the hospital.
26 Weeks and In the Hospital

Big Ole Belly

Ewww! Bad Hair Week

Yup Pretty Nasty I was so Lopsided

The Last Two Years

The last two years have been so wonderful! We have had many adventures and many fun times. We painted and carpeted our first apartment, got a dog, been out of the country, took spontaneous trips, and have been enjoying each others company. Here are the pictures to prove it! Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Engagement and Wedding Day

       Cameron and I met toward the end of December of 2007.  We started dating January of 2008.  We immediately fell in love.  We would try and spend as much time together even though we were 2 hours away.  It was harder and harder to leave each other each time we visited each other.  On March 14th, 2008 he purposed!  I was so excited and so in love.  The wedding planning began!
        For the next couple of months we picked out colors, flowers, photographers, cakes etc.  The date was set for June 6th, 2008 less than 3 full months.  Though it was a short time, it was a complete success.  We were married in the Orlando LDS temple.  We are so happy and so in love.

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